Top 10 Cool Study Spots in London Beyond Your Uni

In this piece, Alex Taylor, a familiar face among our Student Support Squad, shares their top picks for free study spots scattered across London, away from the usual uni settings.

He shared his preferences, as he chooses a place for each task separately. ‘When i have a task to write my essay, I need concentration, and a quiet place is perfect for this, so I choose something less crowded. When I first arrived in London, it was difficult for me to find a suitable place. That’s why I decided to share this experience with you,’ Alex shares.

Local Library Nooks

London is home to many libraries beyond the well-known ones like the British Library or the London Library. These local libraries often have quiet spaces, study nooks, or areas designated for reading and studying, providing a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle.

Tucked away on the second level of the Royal Festival Hall, you’ll find a cozy corner perfect for hitting the books solo or with your study buddies. It’s a lesser-known gem, but it’s got all the quiet vibes you need.

Nearest stops: Waterloo or Embankment

City Museum Quiet Zones

Imagine studying surrounded by history! The City Museum offers several quiet zones where you can dive into your studies with a side of inspiration. And yes, the Wi-Fi’s on the house.

Nearest stop: St Paul’s

Regents Park Benches

Ever thought about studying in the great outdoors? Regents Park is your go-to, with plenty of benches and scenic views to boost your focus. It’s ideal when you need a breath of fresh air between pages.

Nearest stops: Regents Park or Baker Street

Brew and Books Cafés

This chain of indie cafés not only serves the best brew in town but also invites you to linger with your laptop or books. The vibe is chill, perfect for group projects or solo cramming.

Nearest stop: Angel

Night Owl Study Hubs

The Night Owl in Camden is open all night, making it perfect for night owls or early birds. It’s quieter than you’d expect, and the coffee’s strong enough to keep you going.

Nearest stop: Camden Town

Bookshop Corners

Hidden among the shelves of the Soho Bookshop, find your corner and lose yourself in study (or maybe a book or two). It’s quiet, cozy, and absolutely free to sit and study.

Nearest stop: Leicester Square

Highbury Fields

Prefer greenery and open skies? Highbury Fields offers a peaceful escape with plenty of space to spread out your notes and enjoy nature.

Nearest stops: Highbury & Islington or Arsenal

Thameside Steps

Not your typical study spot, but the steps by the Thames offer a unique backdrop for your study sessions. The sounds of the river add a calming effect, perfect for reading or creative writing.

In reality, there are many spots along the Thames where people can sit and enjoy the view, such as near the Southbank Centre, the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral overlooking the Millennium Bridge, or various embankments along the river. These places can provide a scenic and calming backdrop for various activities, including studying, although “Thameside Steps” as a specific location doesn’t exist.

Nearest stop: Tower Hill

Kensington Gardens

Find a quiet bench in Kensington Gardens for a study session with a view. It’s spacious, beautiful, and ideal for group discussions or peaceful reading.

Nearest stations: Queensway or High Street Kensington

The Study Pub

A quiet pub during the day, The Study offers a laid-back atmosphere with plenty of tables, free Wi-Fi, and a menu to keep you fueled. It’s a fave among students for a reason.

Nearest stop: Goldsmiths University

There you have it, ten stellar spots to study in London that break the monotony of campus libraries and dorm rooms. Whether you’re solo or with your study squad, these places promise a change of scenery and a boost to your productivity. So grab your books, choose your spot, and make your study sessions something to look forward to!

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